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Blocked Rectum – Causes of a Rectal Blockage – Phaa.com

The following are some of the signs and symptoms that may be present in case of a blocked rectum: Constipation: As mentioned previously, a blockage in any part of the gut (including the rectum) typically causes... Tenesmus: A blocked rectum hampers the proper emptying of the bowels. This results in ...

Blocked Rectum – Causes and Symptoms of Rectal Blockage ...

Some of the symptoms of a blocked rectum includes: Constipation – difficulty passing stools that are often hard and dry. Tenesmus – urging to pass stool despite having emptied the bowel. Pain, discomfort and burning rectum. Fecal incontinence. Blood and/or mucus in the stool. Pencil thin stools.

Anal Abscess: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Blocked anal glands; Risk factors for anal abscesses include: Colitis; Inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis; Diabetes; Diverticulitis; Pelvic inflammatory disease

How to Loosen A Bowel Blockage - Symptoms, Causes And Solution

A tumor or other kind of growth inside your bowel could block the passage. Damaged blood vessels leading to the bowel may also cause some bowel tissue to die. In most cases, inflammation, prior surgeries, or cancer may cause bowel obstruction. This is most likely to occur in older people.

Anal/Rectal Abscess: Overview, Causes, and Symptoms

Anal abscesses may also occur deeper in the rectum, most often in those who have inflammatory bowel diseases. This can result in some pain or discomfort in the abdominal area. In toddlers, there ...

What Causes Anal Stenosis or Stricture and How to Treat?

It happens when the muscles of the anus, which normally expand and contract to assist passage of stools, suddenly become narrow. The anal canal is located just before the anal sphincter.

Rectal Prolapse: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Surgery

Early on, rectal prolapse may look like hemorrhoids slipping out of your anal opening, but these are two different conditions. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in your anus or lower rectum ...

Hard lump in anus: Causes, diagnosis, and treatments

nerves. blood vessels. If anything causes irritation, a blockage, or an infection, lumps may form on the anus that can make it feel hard. If a person notices a hard lump or a hardened anus, they ...

Anal Disorders Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Nevertheless, sometime the blood vessels in a small hemorrhoid at the edge of the anal orifice can clot off ("thrombosis"). This may be triggered by a period of constipation of diarrhea. When thrombosis occurs, the external hemorrhoid becomes swollen, hard, and painful, sometimes with bloody discharge.

Stool Stuck in Rectum - Digestive Disorders ... - MedHelp

The stool is not formed and is stuck in pouches in the rectum back wall and right upper side of rectum. It seems like the last inch or two of the fecal pieces get stuck in rectum pouches. No amount of pushing helps. The anus remains dilated open with a chunk of feces stuck there.